GLÜ – Fascinating Universe feat. Bruce Ellison

Fascinating Universe Performed by GLÜ featuring Bruce Ellison

Directed by Laurent & Manu Talbot

With Bruce Ellison, Martin Daniel, Manu Talbot

Director of photography – Andrea Messana

Costumes – Laurent Talbot, Manu Talbot, Lucie Godfrin, Lorenza Bertolino

Digital SFX – 6ril Recorded by Renaud Houben at Pyramide Studio

Mixed by Jean Vanesse at Greenhouse Studio Mastered by Fred Alstadt at Ångström Studio

Make up/SFX 3D Laurent Talbot

Thanks to Raoul Sommeillier, Valentine Hogge, François Gaspard, Benoît Fébrinon

Thanks to École Polytechnique de Bruxelles (ULB) and to BEAMS department for the support.

NAFF Music – Label&Management

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